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4 Planning Steps for Course Building on Cybrary

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By: ginasilvertree

November 7, 2017

I decided to submit a course through the Course Builder on Cybrary today (located under the "Teach" menu on the top navigation). I found the submission tool to be very clean, straight-forward and easy to use. It took less than 10 minutes to submit my content, which was short and pre-written. I still need to record my videos, which will take a bit more time, but I wanted to get my course in the queue today.If you have the desire to teach and are ready to build a course on Cybrary, I recommend these four planning steps before you begin:
  1. Simply define your audience. Determine if they're beginners, intermediate or advanced users and what learning path they're taking (pentester, ethical hacker, Python enthusiast, Kali pro, etc.). This step is not required for submission, but it will help you stay focused when writing your course outline and content.
  2. Pre-write your course outline and content (even if it's in draft form) to expedite your submission process. Get the basics on paper and the rest will flow more easily when you submit your content.
  3. Pre-write a short bio about yourself. Here's a good article on how to write a short business bio. (Hmmm...perhaps I'll record a class on this topic.)
  4. Record your modules and remember that they don't have to be perfect. If need be, you can re-record any section before the course goes live.
Regarding course topics ideas, I've been brainstorming on how to gather up a list of hot cyber and IT topics to share with the Cybrary community. Once I do, I'll write my next blog on this topic, so stay tuned!I hope this information was useful. Please share any tips and comments below.
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