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IT Fundamentals: What You Need to Know for Tech Success

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By: Olivia

August 2, 2017

Gone are the days when being ‘tech-savvy’ was just a ‘nice to have’ trait. Nowadays, as we all know, being familiar with the basic functions of a computer and certain software is essential for everyone from school-aged children to grandma.As I’ve been interacting with users on the site, it seems there is a certain hesitation for those to admit they need to work on the fundamentals, but trust me when I say there is no shame is creating a solid IT foundation. For some, working with Microsoft Word may seem trivial, but even those familiar with the program may be surprised to learn some of the more complex capabilities.Technology has become so integrated into our lives, especially our work lives, that this knowledge can be a determining factor into whether or not we are qualified for a job over another candidate.According to an article written by Fortune in 2015 titled ‘Why Being Tech Savvy is No Longer Optional for Employees,’ states, “We live in an age of innovation where the new bare minimum is changing drastically across the board... In addition, other seemingly ‘non-technical’ jobs are being accelerated by skills in computer science or interactive design.”Whether you are entering the workforce looking for an edge up, or just want to refine your skills, it’s never a bad idea to start with the basics and build from there. Think about when you learned math- you wouldn’t skip addition and jump into algebra. Starting small just makes sense. Even penetration testers had to start somewhere.CompTIA describes the IT Fundamentals certification as “ideal if you are considering a career in IT or if you work in an allied field that requires a broad understanding of IT--like in a sales role at an IT company. CompTIA IT Fundamentals can be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as CompTIA A+ and, with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+.”Skills needed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals include:
  • Identifying and explaining computer components.
  • Setting up a workstation, including conducting software installations.
  • Establishing network connectivity.
  • Identifying compatibility issues and identifying and preventing security risks.
  • Managing the safety and preventative maintenance of computers.
If part of your problem is being unfamiliar with where to start to gain a basic understanding or to prepare for your fundamentals certification, Cybrary has plenty ‘end user’ resources available. These cover not only ‘how-to,’ but also dive into security best practices.
  1. End User Course: 30 Minutes
  2. End User Course: 1 Hour 
For those looking to earn IT Fundamentals specific learning resources, Cybrary offers those as well.
  1. IT Fundamentals Virtual Lab 
  2. IT Fundamentals Discounted Voucher (US Only) 
Additionally, if it’s the software you want to focus on, such as Microsoft product used in an office, there is plenty to learn in that area as well.
  1. Microsoft Office Word Virtual Lab 
  2. Microsoft Office Excel Virtual Lab
  3. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Virtual Lab
Don't believe how beneficial this knowledge is?
I took the IT Fundamentals prep course at my local community college, and while the certification is essentially useless, it was my first step into IT and provided valuable insight and affirmation of my budding career goals.I was just dipping my toes in the water when I signed up for the course, but after a couple of classes I noticed that I was REALLY INTO getting my hands into computer repair. It helped me realize that I had the curiosity and drive to actually do this for a living, and gave me the momentum to dive into the A+ material. Got my A+ a few months later, and landed my first job in IT within a year. It all started with IT Fundamentals.
  • Avery M.
CompTIA offers this set of guidelines for beginners:Copyright CompTIA, 2017
Olivia Lynch (@Cybrary_Olivia) is the Marketing Manager at Cybrary. Like many of you, she is just getting her toes wet in the field of cyber security. A firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword, Olivia considers corny puns and an honest voice essential to any worthwhile blog.
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