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Hacker, YouTube Star, and Cybrary’s New Course Contributor: Priyank Gada

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By: Olivia

April 10, 2017

kali-linuxIf you are an avid reader of 0P3N, chances are you’ve seen a post or two from avid contributor Priyank Gada (@groupflexi).Priyank, who has experience as a forensics expert and penetration tester, frequently makes YouTube videos to share his knowledge.One area he’s extremely knowledgeable in is Kali Linux, which inspired his new Micro Course, now available on Cybrary here.Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains over 600 tools geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.Although the course centers on Kali Linux, it also covers basic programming, basics of Linux and Linux terminal commands. Viewers will start by installing Kali Linux on a virtual box, and then begin exploring the various tools.Priyank says his course is unique “because it has all the required tools. It’s like a package deal which includes more than what you need. Kali netHunter makes it convenient for people who want to conduct penetration testing on the go. I personally like the integration of Metasploit because that completes the operating system for penetration testing.”In Priyank’s opinion, Kali Linux is important because of the user and developer base.There are many other operating systems for penetration testers and some of them may contain more tools than Kali contains, but with Kali, you get constant updates and upgrades. More users using Kali means more development and more features.Currently, Priyank works for Mumbai cyber cell for investigating devices and considers himself an expert in smartphone forensics and recovery.“Some of my favorite things to do are rooting and jailbreaking mobile phones. I continuously receive devices from the police (cyber cell) for investigation and perform tasks including recovering files, chats and even cracking password without data loss,” he says.But Priyank did not always ‘wear a white hat.’“I started my career by doing a quick google for ‘Facebook hacking’. Once I began learning hacking skills, things escalated very quickly. By 2005, I had already started using Dark Net and began purchasing credit cards, using those cards to purchase steam wallet and selling it for real money. This worked fine until 2006 when the cops were at my door.”Since then, he has begun to focus his efforts on making videos, one of the first being ‘How to change an IMEI number’ which showed how I changed the IMEI number of a stolen phone so that cops cannot trace it back to you.He believes his videos have gotten better with time, and they have certainly grown in popularity.“Personally, I share my knowledge because I learned everything for free from tutorials that I downloaded. I believe in karma and believe that knowledge should be free. When I first started hacking, there was no one to teach me what is ethical, or what the boundaries are, so I make videos to make sure no one else goes down the bad path.”In addition to making videos, Priyank considers himself an all-around tech guy, saying every techie uses technology everywhere they can. priaynk_gada_photo“I keep on changing my devices, I have created a wifi jammer with ESP 8266 wifi module, I have a smartwatch. Basically, I have technology everywhere and anywhere. You name it, I have it.”Perhaps his best advice is that every ethical hacker starts his or her career with something small.“There are various things that someone can learn from my course, but most importantly, you should learn to practice things on their own, otherwise you won’t learn” says Priyank, “take the time and effort to try out new things and make unfamiliar things work.”According to Priyank, he’s learned a lot from Cybrary and advises others to stay on the right path. It’s not about what you know, but how you use it.“Using knowledge for the right purpose is the key. Set boundaries so you don’t make mistakes that I made.”This is just the first course Priyank is creating for Cybrary, but stay tuned for additional courses and content from him. You can find other videos from him in 0P3N. His most recent tutorial is 'Hacking Android Phones.'If you have knowledge to share and want to create your own course, you can submit your topic here.Cybrary has more user-generated courses coming in the future, so be sure to check the catalog regularly for updates.Note from Priyank:"**If there is someone who thinks I am doing something good then he/she can help me out with my new tutorial series by donating an iDevice to work on and make tutorials on it. I know swift 3 and I want to create tutorials on iOS 10 application development. All I need is an iDevice that supports XCode. I would also love to receive review products. Contact: You can also find my pateron donation link here: "
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