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The Future of Programming – It’s where the Money is!

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By: GWCitroner

February 13, 2017

future_of_programmingAccording to a 2015 report from Burning Glass; there were almost 7 million job openings that required coding skills, and programming jobs are growing 12% quicker than average.But, the most important fact we can take away from this report is: fully 50% of programming jobs are not in IT. Hospitals, banks, and manufacturers all have positions that require coding skills. Going forward, programming skills (or your lack of any) will seriously impact your lifetime earning potential.

You Should Learn to Code

The question isn’t whether you should learn to code, but rather which are the best programming languages to learn to earn money now and well into the future. Here is my list of the three most important programming languages you can learn to get a well-paid job now and remain employable going forward.JAVAJAVA is one of the most commonly used programming languages on Earth.  The rich API, open source ecosystem and plethora of tools make JAVA one of the best languages to learn now and for the future.  You’ll find JAVA running almost everywhere and there is a powerful push to make JAVA the language of the Internet of Things (IoT).Let’s not forget; all android apps are written in JAVA (smartphones and tablets aren’t going away anytime soon)All this, and the huge number of jobs that are currently available to JAVA programmers, means that you’ll write your own ticket - with JAVA.SwiftWhile Objective-C has been the language used to develop iOS apps, did you know that Apple has developed a new programming language called Swift that is intended to replace Objective C? The continuing popularity of Apple devices guarantees that rather than learning Objective C, you’ll do better by mastering Swift.The sheer number of iOS devices guarantees that Swift will quickly become a relevant programming language, and remain that way for years to come. Current students should skip Objective C altogether to focus solely on learning Swift.  You’ll acquire a skill that will remain relevant (and profitable) for years to come.JavaScriptJavaScript has to be one of the most hyped programming languages (ever).  While it’s true that JavaScript was developed in 10 days (really!) and is weighed down with a multitude of flaws; it’s still immensely popular. With Node.js becoming more viable, and the gradual maturation of JavaScript, the demand for JavaScript competent programmers just continues to increase.The spread of Ajax will also ensure demand for JavaScript competent programmers.  It’s another must learn language for anyone who wants to enjoy the good pay and job security of a programming career.Don’t WaitIf you don’t know how to code, go learn!  Most programmers are self-taught.  The multitude of books and websites dedicated to teaching the masses to code are easy to find and use.  With diligence and effort, you’ll become an in-demand coder, and move into a rewarding, well-paying, and future-proof career.
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