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5 Ways Virtual Reality is Impacting Your Life

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By: GWCitroner

February 6, 2017

Virtual reality has come a long way from the first primitive 3D viewers.  This technology is now poised to change the way we learn, communicate, travel, and receive medical care.Here are 5 big ways virtual reality is enriching our lives.5_ways_virtual_realityEducation  The world is your classroom when you use virtual reality; why look at 2-dimensional images and video when you can be immersed in the sights and sounds of ancient Rome?  Driver’s education classes will viscerally convey the dangers of distracted or reckless driving with an attention-grabbing level of detail.From field trips to simulations of complex scientific concepts; virtual reality will make learning a sensory rich and high-impact experience.HealthcareVirtual reality has incredible potential as a rehabilitative tool.  In Europe, it’s being used to help stroke and brain injury patients to regain lost motor control and cognitive function by playing games that simulate daily activities.Doctors are taking advantage of virtual reality to construct realistic 3D models of patient’s anatomy that help surgeons find the safest way to address tumors, aneurysms, and perform surgery on hard to observe internal structures.
Court casesJuries will use virtual reality to visit a crime or accident scene and see it as law-enforcement or emergency medical personnel did.  Observing the evidence in 3D can allow jurors to better understand the events they are being presented.Presentations involving the ballistic course of bullets, the trajectory of a crashing vehicle, and angles of attack in an assault case - can be made exponentially more effective with VR.
The MilitaryThe U.S. military has already been using video games as a way to train combat soldiers in tactics and to gain proficiency in their assigned tasks.Virtual reality has now paved the way for an immersive experience.  Soldiers can be placed into realistic 3D simulated environments where they’ll learn skills under much more realistic circumstances, without the risk or expense of actual field training.ShoppingUsing virtual reality, shoppers will be able to examine a product in minute detail from the comfort of their homes.  You can go shopping without having to go anywhere.Consider what this will do for the auto business; you can kick the tires and take a test drive all from the comfort of your home!Virtual reality will revolutionize the shopping experience, and change the way we look at shopping forever.Virtual Reality is a Game ChangerVirtual reality will revolutionize the way we live our lives.Like the internet revolution before it; virtual reality is going to create amazing opportunities and incredible experiences that will transform how we see the world.
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