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[PODCAST] Update for our fans & monthly puzzle

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By: CyDefe

January 5, 2017

cydefe-final-centered-pngHey hey everyone it's been some time since our last post on here and since then we've had a few new episodes come out. Check out the links below to listen to our latest content. We streamed our last podcast recording live at and we will continue to stream all of our podcasts live. If you want to find out the time and date of our next recording follow us on twitter @cydefe for updates.We also have a brand new monthly puzzle to check out as well. If you think you know the answer to our monthly puzzle submit your answer at and we will add you to our score board.
  • Puzzle#4 is a programming puzzle.
    • You have to create code for a computer which uses a language from the 90s. There are only a couple characters it takes and for some reason it is really sensitive to more than 50 characters of input.  You need to get it to print out 1000 Xs and it's memory will overload and shutdown.
    • Hint: Wikipedia List of Programming Language.
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