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This Day in History: What makes the world go 'round?

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By: Tatianna

January 21, 2017

Have you ever stopped to think about historic events or "history" as a whole? It can be overwhelming to realize that so much happens every day. If you think harder, there are 24 hours in a day [duh] (that's 1440 minutes if you want to get specific), and 365 days in a year (that's 525,600 minutes per year). So what are we doing now? Is it worthy of adding to "history"?  Let's take a look at some notable events that occurred on January 21st, starting in 1853.
1853 - Dr. Russell Hawes, of Worcester, Massachusetts, created and patented the first envelope-folding machine.Okay, you may be thinking, "Whoop-de-doo. An envelope folding machine... who needs that?" Considering that the internet wasn't invented yet, nor mobile phones ( and texts, emails, tweets, etc.), envelopes were a pretty big deal. Hurrah for paper that encloses more paper for shipping via snail-mail!1899 - Opel manufactured its first automobile.AMAZING! I mean, where would we be without automated vehicles that aid us in transportation? I guess we'd all be a little healthier from the walking...1903 - The classic "Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland, premiered in New York City.Tell me you haven't seen this movie and I might just reach through your computer screen to slap you. Seriously, it's an iconic movie. Watch it.1954 - The gas turbine automobile was first introduced in New York City.Again with the advances in automobiles. It's fantastic to see how far we've come. From inefficient gas guzzling vehicles to cars that can go 300+ miles on a battery charge. Technology keeps getting better and better.1980 - Gold hits a record high of roughly $800 per ounce.Not really relevant, but I thought it was an interesting fact none-the-less.2008 - The Eyak language in Alaska went extinct as its last native speaker died.If nothing else, this shows the importance of learning several languages. Also, for multilingual parents to teach their children second languages. Language is beautiful, don't let it die.Concluding thoughts: Time doesn't stand still. It's one thing no one can control, no matter how many science-fiction movies/books you see or read. Time will pass you by no matter what you're doing. It's imperative that we take advantage of the time we are given and learn/do as much as possible. In the age of the internet and instant results, we have a cornucopia of information at our fingertips. Why not take advantage of it?
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