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Cybrary Mobile Apps: iOS and Android Now Available

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By: Tatianna

January 13, 2017

mobile-appYou heard right! We finally have an app for iOS. Yes, the long awaited and severely overdue iOS app is now more than a dream. And, for those of you who use Android, we didn't forget about you. We created an all-new app for android to match 1 for 1 the iOS app. Don't worry though if you have the old app. It will continue to be available on the Google Play Store for the time being.You can download the Cybrary Android and iOS mobile apps (and please do download them!), but KEEP IN MIND that these are the early editions of the apps, and we are making updates weekly to improve the experience and add features. Negative reviews are not helpful, but we appreciate suggestions and bug reports. If you have either, please email us at and we'll work out the kinks. We hope you enjoy Cybrary in your pocket and take us with you on your adventures!Remember, never stop learning. apple    android^^   Download Here   ^^
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