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TCP/IP: The Next Gateway Drug? Transform Your Tech Addiction into a New Career Path

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By: Olivia

November 18, 2016

Updated August 2018You probably opened this blog because you thought I’d be making a lot of drug references. Sorry, but I’m fresh out of Adderall. In all seriousness though, I do want to talk to you about addiction, and not as a disappointed parent.If I’m lucky, by now you’ll have read my blog on CPE. Hopefully, it has you fired up about the endless possibilities of learning for free and having the certifications to back your knowledge. But, if you’re like me, and fairly new to the cyber security industry, or the IT industry in general, you’re probably wondering “where the heck do I begin?”Hate to state the obvious, but technology is all around us. For us newbies, most likely a foundation of tech was formed when we purchased our first cell phone or created our Facebook account. Personally, I’d say I’m addicted to my device. And if your immediate thought was “Yeah, me too,” then I think we’re on to something.Articles across the internet will tell you that technology addiction is BAD. I say that’s unfair. If you can’t put down your phone or laptop, why not use that interest to your advantage? Delve into those devices from the inside out, and hey, if you’re passionate about it- make it your career.“That’s bold!” you’ll tell me and I’ll agree. So here’s a fact.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “there are more than 210,000 cyber security jobs in the US that are unfilled.”Evaluate your current education or career path and how it could be applicable in this field. Are you a problem solver? A builder? A ‘numbers guy’? Further, think through your specific interests in technology. Are you looking for a cyber security certification?If you truly want to break into tech, the key is to build experience quickly and learn topics that translate to real-world application.tcpWhere to begin?Easy. Start with the TCP/IP certification training. TCP/IP is the communication standard that devices use to exchange data across the internet. This certification provides a strong base knowledge for the foundation of networking and preparation for an expansive list of career opportunities. On top of that, it demonstrates about 6 or more months of experience.With this certification, you’ll learn topics such as classful and subnet addressing, RTO, both the Linux and the Standard method, and Congestive Control.Don’t believe TCP/IP is the new gateway drug? Everyone’s doing it.Greg Greenlee, in his blog: “8 Steps to becoming an It Professional,” ranks Learn TCP/IP as number 4 on the list. And, perhaps most importantly, he places ‘hang with the geeks’ as numero uno. Most important because it just so happens that we have a community of geeks right here.So make us proud and start working on your  TCP/IP certification training now. Here’s a coupon code in case you missed it last time: FREESCT1 << They're free!
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