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[#podcast] Aamir Lakhani discusses the all the content on the Darkweb bad? And becoming a known quantity on the DarkWeb...

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November 16, 2016

[embed][/embed] Mr. Boettcher and I met Mr. Aamir#Lakhani at DerbyCon this year, and immediately intrigued with his work on the Dark Web.He has assisted with law enforcement investigations, a known member of the dark web, to the point where people with#malware or bots will seek him out in an effort to 'legitimize' their work, similar to how being reported on by #blogger/#journalist Brian #Krebs establishes legitimacy for many #carders.#Aamir sat down and discussed his work, the tools he uses, how he started being a known quantity on the #Dark #Web, the value of your #reputation there, and how quickly people who are there will assist to get rid of 'bad' people, when they themselves are committing crimes... an interesting study in the moral compass of people on the dark web.We also discuss a recent study that the vast majority of content on the dark web is not illegal content... at least not in the U.S. and most Westernized countries. Finally, we discuss recent shutdown of illegal#Dark #Markets and what that means for the denizens of the #UnderWeb.Check out our official#Slack Channel! Sign up at https://brakesec.signup.teamDirect Link: #RSS: Play Store:, Questions, Feedback: bds.podcast@gmail.comSupport Brakeing Down Security#Podcast on #Patreon: @brakesec @boettcherpwned @bryanbrake#Facebook: : Network: Radio App: 
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