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Becoming a Software Developer

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By: Rachel Laura M

November 20, 2016

binary-system-557614_640According to US News and World Report, software developers enjoy a median salary of $95,510 annually. In addition to this higher than average salary, the unemployment rate is very low (about 2.5%) and people in this field enjoy a nice work-life balance. It is a constantly changing, ever evolving field.Given all the positive aspects surrounding this field, it is no surprise that people are interested in what it takes to obtain a position in this ever-growing and lucrative field of cyber security.First and foremost, get rid of the idea that you must study computer and information science to enter this field. Statistically, only 2.4% of college grads obtain degrees in this. Even more surprising? You do not even need a four-year college degree to enter this rewarding field. Check out the following tips to get on the right path to a career as a software developer:
  1. Commit to a clear goal
  1. Choose which language you want to learn (e.g., Ruby on Rails) and think like a developer.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice
  1. Obtain the tools of real developers
  1. Learn how to read the code of others
  1. Find a community
  1. Build projects
  1. Cultivate your professional network
  1. Master your pre-interview essentials
  1. Impress them when you interview for jobs
  1. Accept that job offer
If this sounds like a big commitment and a lot of work, that’s because it is. But the good news is, many individuals transition into the field of software developing using their own personal determination and hard work alone. Information for this piece adapted from:
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