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[Product Update] Notecards and New Lesson Pages

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October 28, 2016


Learning is a tricky thing. Research suggests 3 primary learning styles: auditory, visual, and tactile. Each person is different in the way they learn, and each technique offers various suggestions and strategies to optimize the learning experience. The Cybrary Team spent the past few weeks researching these learning styles and found something truly fascinating, all 3 styles recommend the use of Flashcards. Sifting through research paper after research paper it became abundantly clear that those thousands of research hours and hundreds of thousands of research dollars (eh, let’s be honest, probably way more) were invested telling us:Auditory – Create flashcards to learn new concepts and practice test questions; read them out loud.Visual – Create flashcards to learn new concepts and practice test; look at them a lot.Tactile – Create flashcards demonstrating relationships among various concepts and questions; put your hands on them.Antics aside, Flashcards are a foundational learning tool that everyone should take advantage of, at any age.


We wanted to integrate the creation of Notecards into the learning experience and decided some modifications to the Lesson pages were essential. The Lesson Pages now feature a side-by-side look that will allow for viewing of the videos and Notecard/Note creation alongside in real time. Access all of your Note Decks from any course and any lesson!lesson-notecard-uselesson-notes-useWe’ve added the feature under Explore called “Notecards”. You will be able to view notecards created by others within the community, view and manage your own notecards, and launch the Flashcard mode to help you better master those key cyber security topics that can help you get certified.notecard-hpnotecard-lpFrom the Note Deck page, launch Flashcard mode and interact with your set to improve your recall!flashcard-modenotecard-flascard-flipOver the next week, we will be adding in a number of new features that will make the experience even smoother, so stay tuned for more!Some FAQs for the newly initiated:How do I create Notecards?- Notecards can be created while watching a Lesson or Create a New Deck- Be sure to add a description, tags and the associated course to help others find them!What types of Notecards should you create?- Term/Definition: These are notecards that have the term one side of the card and the definition on the other- Question/Answer: Create multiple choice or open-ended questions on one side of the card and the answer choice or explanation on the other- Or, whatever you like - just keep them legal and clean :)Where do I go to view my Notecards?- Notecards are available at All notecards are also available from your Home Dashboard, as well as your ProfileHow do I view my Notecards as Flashcards?- Great Question! Each deck has a “Flashcards” mode that can be launched from its individual page.When can I start?- Right now! Start creating notecards during a Lesson or Create a New Deck. We can’t wait to see all the new resources the Cybrary community helps to create.Try it out, provide us some feedback, and we'll make it happen!Happy learning!shutterstock_424867081

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