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Sunday’s Cyber Security Fact: Apple iOS Users Face More Risk (July 17, 2016)

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By: ginasilvertree

July 17, 2016

"Thanks to Apple’s tight control over its app store and operating system, threats to iPhones and iPads have been infrequent and limited in scale. This changed in 2015.
  • In 2015, [Symantec] identified nine new iOS threat families,compared to four in total previously.
  • Bootlegged developer software, known as XcodeGhost, infected as many as 4,000 apps.
  • TheYiSpecter malware bypassed the app store altogether by using the enterprise app provisioning framework.
  • Researchers found Youmi embedded in 256 iOS apps. This software is used in apps to display advertising, but alsosends personal information to a remote location without
  • users’ consent.
  • Vulnerabilities in Apple’s AirDrop wireless file transfer system could allow an attacker to install malware on anApple device."
- Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report - VOLUME 21, APRIL 201
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