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Report: Healthcare Under Attack – Cybercriminals Target Medical Institutions

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By: ginasilvertree

July 22, 2016

Healthcare Under Attack – Cybercriminals Target Medical Institutions - CybraryInfoArmor has identified a group of bad actors performing targeted cyberattacks on healthcare institutions and their IT infrastructure, including connected medical devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems (MRI), X-ray machines and mobile computing healthcare workstations.This group of bad actors has performed at least four successful attacks against US-based organizations of varying size, compromising a significant number of medical records. The threat actors claim to have stolen millions of medical records and gained unauthorized access for ransomware distribution. [flat_button text="Download the Report" title="Download the Report" url="" padding="15% 8%" bg_color="#002d61" border_color="#002d61" border_width="0px" border_radius="0px" text_color="#FFFFFF" text_size="16px" align="center" target="_blank"] 
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