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Sunday's Cyber Security Fact: The Angler Exploit Kit's Rate of Infection (June 19, 2016)

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By: ginasilvertree

June 19, 2016


Angler Manages to Infect more than One Million Workstations a Year

"There is a common misconception that a user explicitly needs to download a malicious file in order to get his PC infected. Exploit kits use a technique called drive-by-downloads. With this technique, malicious software can be ran just by opening a website in your browser. Angler is by far the most effective exploit kit that makes use of drive-by-downloads. It manages to give millions of users a headache after visiting an infected website. [An example] includes a Belgian website that [was] infected with Angler. The HTML code of the website is replaced by obfuscated angler code. After a few milliseconds the code redirects the user to the original website." -

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