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[Product Update] Introducing My Notes

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June 13, 2016

We're very excited to launch My Notes on Cybrary. My Notes was developed after spending a good deal of time speaking with Users and learning what we could provide to help improve the experience on the site.Lesson Note Taking
Researchers found that if important information was contained in notes, it had a 34 percent chance of being remembered. Information not found in notes had only a five percent chance of being remembered”(Howe, 1970, in Longman and Atkinson, 1999).

New Note Icon Available on Lesson PagesLesson Note Prompt

As Users continue to watch lessons on Cybrary, they'll now be able to open a New Note box and take notes as the lessons run. We see this as a unique opportunity to provide a functionality that's unavailable on most online learning platforms, giving our Users a better learning experience.Accessing My Notes will soon be available from a new section on the homepage, "My Notes"; It will also be accessible in a new section within the User profile.Homepage My Notes Example NotesNotes My ProfileNote Module Summary"The act of note-taking also assists the learner in generating and semantically processing information (essentially, helps the learner think about course content in such a way to better understand it upon later review), in addition to facilitating and strengthening the internal connections between ideas (Kiewra et al., 1991). Lastly – and of particular importance to instructors – note-taking can result in broader learning outcomes in addition to improving mastery within course content due to this generative processing and making connections between idea units, allowing students to apply their gained knowledge to novel contexts" (Peper & Mayer, 1978).Cybrary's mission is to move the cyber security industry forward by providing anyone, anywhere with free resources to learn and grow in the field. The new My Notes feature should complement the learning experience for every User on the Cybrary platform.
For Questions and Feedback regarding My Notes, please visit the forum.

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