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"Done for You" - List of Malware Training Videos

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By: ginasilvertree

June 1, 2016

malware-cybraryHere's a "done for you" list of Cybrary's Malware Training Videos. Enjoy! Incident responders (or Malware Analysts) perform appropriate malware analysis in order to fix the current infections and prevent future ones.Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 1)Length: 23:33Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 2)Length: 09:48Malware Analysis Introduction (Part 3)Length: 08:07Malware Analysis Lab Setup (Part 1)Length: 01:47Malware Analysis Lab Setup (Part 2)Length: 21:22Malware Analysis Lab Setup (Part 3)Length: 18:41 Malware defenses has several categories such as anti-debugging, anti-virtual machine, anti-disassembly, anti-analysis. Malware goals are to stop automated analysis and slow down the Malware Analysts.Malware Defenses Part 1Length: 10:22Malware Defenses Part 2Length: 47:56Malware Defenses Part 3Length: 25:00 Examine the different types of security threats that exist. We take a hard look Social Engineering - the art of manipulating people to gain information or access.Social Engineering and MalwareLength: 05:27 Discuss the different types of Malware as well as strategies on how to mitigate their affect. You’ll learn the different classifications of Malware, its definition, how the term originated and what Malware does.Types of Malware (part 1)Length: 15:54Types of Malware (part 2)Length: 08:43Save
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