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S3SS10N Wednesday - Ransomware, Where It Fits In Your Budget

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By: Tatianna

April 20, 2016

What is S3SS10N Wednesday?

S3SS10N Wednesdays are weekly 15 minute (or less) white board lessons by Cybrary Instructors and SME’s. They are designed to provide you with a quick dose of cyber security learning. We publish a new episode every Wednesday morning (Eastern Time). Now, check out our newest episode below![insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"][clear][if_logged_in_show]

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Instructor Bio-

Joshua MarpetJosh's background is varied across many roles, from Senior InfoSec Analyst, Blacksmith, Information Security Conference Organizer, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter. Josh is currently an SVP of Compliance and Managed Services for CyberGRC, an advisor to multiple cyber security companies, working with economic development and educational organizations for rural areas to bring high tech firms to them. He is also a member of multiple CEO networking groups, and in his spare time, enjoys hiking.Don't forget to comment!Tell us what you think, and share your own knowledge.


[insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"] Purpose of this Session:This lesson covers how to fit ransomware into an organization’s operating budget. In 2015, the FBI received 2,453 complaints from people who lost $24.1 million as a result of having data stolen. Organizations need to be able to back up database servers to make sure sensitive information survives in case of a crash and that is where being prepared with ransomware comes in and planning ahead in case of a disaster. This is also important to be in accordance with most compliance laws.Listen to / Download the MP3
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