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[podcast] Michael Gough, the ISSM model, and the 5 P's

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April 6, 2016

[embed][/embed]Direct Link: (look for the episode starting with "2016-013")We discuss a model that Michael Gough used while he was at HP. The Information Security and Service Management (ISSM) Reference model can be used to help companies align their IS and IT goals with the businesses goals... If you've been a listener of our podcast for a while now, you might have heard our 2-part podcast on ITIL with Tim Wood, which is a service based solution to enable your IT and infosec initiatives to also align with your business needs.From the ISSM whitepaper:"organizations need to build and run an integrated service management system that addresses security and risk management as well as the regulatory compliance imposed on the agency while ensuring that agreed services are provided to internal and external customers and managed end-to-end.For agencies and organizations to achieve meaningful service outcomes, technology and agency decision makers need to align their goals and strategies more closely while dealing with an increasing amount of technologies, threats, and regulatory compliance requirements."We discuss the idea of the "5 P's", which are "Policy, Process, People, Products (or technology), and Proof", and how they are important to the implementation of the#ISSM reference modelFinally, we discuss a typical engagement using the ISSM model. Creation of the 7 Core components and additional using a maturity model to self-assess your company in an effort to show transparency to your internal processes. Michael Gough and Mr. Boettcher then discusses with us current Log-MD developments.Important links (really excellent content in the links below): ITIL into infosec: BrakeSec Podcast on#ITIL with Tim Wood:, Questions, Feedback: bds.podcast@gmail.comSupport Brakeing Down Security using Patreon: FEED: @brakesec @boettcherpwned @bryanbrake @hackerhurricane#Facebook: Play Store: : Network: Radio App: #cobit, #cmmi, #maturity model, #ISSM, #ITIL, #Service, #management, #reference model, #ISO, #27002, #27001, CISSP, #podcast, #infosec, #compliance
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