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[podcast] R-CISC Exec. Dir. Brian Engle, on threat intel

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March 9, 2016

[embed][/embed]We've reached peak "Br[i|y]an" this week when we invited our friend Brian Engle on to discuss what his organization does. Brian is the Executive Director of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center - R-CISC."Created by retailers in response to the increased number and sophistication of attacks against the industry, the R-CISC provides another tool in retailers’ arsenal against cyber criminals by sharing leading practices and threat intelligence in a safe and secure way." -- R-CISC websiteTo learn more, visit discussed with Brian a bit of the history of the R-CISC, and why his organization was brought into being. We ask Brian "How do you get companies who make billions of dollars a year to trust another competitor enough to share that they might have been compromised?" "And how do you keep the information sharing generic enough to not out a competitor by name, but still be actionable enough to spur members to do something to protect themselves?"Other links:Veris framework Mr. Boettcher mentions: protocol:  Comments, Questions, Feedback: Support Brakeing Down Security using Patreon: FEED: Download: @brakesec @boettcherpwned @bryanbrake#Facebook: Play Store: : Network: Radio App:, #brian, #engle, #cissp, #cpes, #data, #financial, #infections, #isac, #malware, #podcast, #rcisc, #retail, #security, #infosec, #threat #intelligence R-CISC  
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