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Cybersecurity News Site Review: TechNewsWorld – Cybersecurity Section

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By: ginasilvertree

March 25, 2016

Cybersecurity News Site Review: TechNewsWorld – Cybersecurity SectionRelevance to the Readership: Potentially high. A Google search on “cybersecurity news sites,” returned this site as the second listing on the SERP. This site may likely have a devoted readership, who are comfortable with the format, content and other features.Main Feature(s): Unique articles with balanced points of view, written by freelance writers. Readers may also subscribe, at no charge, to newsletters and news alerts.Content: A variety of topics, in a randomly ordered grid on the main page of the Cybersecurity section. The articles cover business and consumer-related topics in the government and commercial sectors; they’re beefy but not too lengthy.Layout: This is an older style site, which does not completely employ a responsive theme. The white background gives the impression of space, but the site's crowded feel remains. The larger font, used in the articles, is helpful to readers.Site Value: The article topics are relevant and timely. The site houses many other tech topics as well, as the main site name indicates.Areas for Improvement: The format does not use a completely responsive layout (yet, the site converted fairly well on my phone). The site is cluttered with ads, numerous links, sponsor information, an online poll and a Twitter feed.Summary: The cybersecurity articles are well-written and efforts to cover a wide variety of business and consumer-related topics in the government and commercial sectors are clear. The cluttered site creates challenges in consuming the content, yet the originality of the content and its authentic tone makes return visits worth it.
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