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February is #SecureCodingMonth at Cybrary!

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By: ryan c

February 1, 2016

The team at Cybrary has officially named February:#SecureCodingMonthGiven that secure coding principles are often so overlooked in most CS programs and coding classes, we feel the obligation to fill the coding security void. There are many courses on Cybrary which coders / programmers can benefit from already, such as the Advanced Penetration Testing and the CompTIA CASP. However, we have yet to launch classes that are specifically designed, from start to finish, to address the methodical steps to both create secure code, as well as lead teams to create secure code. Therefore, we will be doing just that, here in February. Here is what we will be doing to help create a world with better, more secure code and products:
  1. The launch of the Secure Coding course, by Sunny Wear  February 2, 2016
  2. The launch of the ISC2 CSSLP course, by Kelly Handerhan  February 17, 2016
So if you would please, lets tell the world about #SecureCodingMonth on Cybrary. The people writing code out there, need this stuff, badly, so tell them about it!
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