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[podcast] Anti-virus (...what is it good for... absolutely nothing?)

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By: BrBr

January 17, 2016

Anti-virus products... they have been around for as long as many of us have been alive. The first anti-virus program, "The Reaper" was designed to get rid of the first virus 'The Creeper' by Ray Tomlinson in 1971.This week, we discuss the efficacy of anti-virus. Is it still needed? What should blue teamers be looking for to make their#anti-virus work for them.  And what options do you have if you don't want to use anti-virus?We also argue about whether it's just a huge industry selling snake oil that is bolstered by compliance frameworks, like PCI/DSS?*NEW* we are on Stitcher!: Radio App:…/Brakeing-Down-Security-Podcast-p801582/BrakeSec#Podcast #Twitter:'s Twitter:'s Twitter: our Patreon!: FEED:, Questions, Feedback: bds.podcast@gmail.comDirect Download:[embed][/embed]
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