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It's 2016...and Recorded Future is Naming the 3 Hottest Security Trends for the New Year

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By: klowe

January 13, 2016

hot-hot-hot As every security professional knows, for every 'Happy New Year!' shout, hoot and holler, there's a heck of a lot additional commotion going on surrounding another issue---a new year of new security threats.And while it's no secret that 2016 will bring along a hoard of headline-grabbing security incidents, it's important to know what the experts think will be the most biggest security trends of the new year. Lucky for you and I, the threat intelligence experts over at Recorded Future have done the work for all of us ---and named the three hottest security trends for 2016.What will be the most prevalent security topics for the new year?Find out by checking out Recorded Future's in-depth round up of 2016's infosec trends --- and get educated on what's next in cybersec. 
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