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Building Threat Analyst Centaurs Using Artificial Intelligence

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By: klowe

January 14, 2016

header-915122_640When you think of a centaur, thoughts of a mythical creature that can perform threat analysis doesn't exactly come to mind, does it? Enter Recorded Future's artificial intelligence system - poised to provide both intelligence and strength to uncover hidden threat actors upon our systems. In this way, Recorded Future's  use of AI techniques in the security realm is similar to that of a centaur --- its the brains and brawn that make their threat predictive and analysis tools so powerful.While the use of artificial intelligence is commonly paired with robots and other virtual agents, it can also be used to make insightful predictions, classify events and serve as knowledge representation --- all pieces that help to make threat analysis an improved process. Intrigued yet? You should be. Discover how threat intelligence company Recorded Future is making this happen in this insightful piece about AI, threat analysis and the future of security. 
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