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Think a Cybersecurity Job is All Technical? Think again.

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November 9, 2015

Struggling to get that promotion or land that cybersecurity job? Have all the right skills/certifications/years of experience but things just don’t seem to work out? You’ve read about the demand for cyber professionals, seems like a no brainer that the company should be need you. The articles say there are over 200,000 unfilled jobs in the US and several times that, worldwide. Companies are complaining that there aren’t enough professionals with the skillsets to fill their open positions; yet, on paper, there may be dozens of people with those exact skills. So what’s the problem?A career in cyber security may actually require a little more than just the technical know-how. Yes, being well versed in many technologies is vitally important; but, there are a number of other skills that will help differentiate you and increase your chances at getting that new job/promotion.Communication: This seems to be over-stated but often over looked. Showing you have, not only, the technical understanding required for the role; but also, the ability to connect and translate those overly complex technical discussions to targeted business functions, is a unique skill, highly sought after in such a tech-heavy field.Risk Management: Those that have been involved in cyber security for some time realize that it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you get attacked. Coming to grips with that realization is important in this industry. This is when risk management becomes a key skill to highlight. Being able to identify the makeup of attacks and organize a plan to help mitigate them, and minimize their scale, are vital to a being a good analyst/manager.Collaboration (or Consensus Building): Working with other divisions, of your organization, to help demonstrate the importance of information security is important. The people in the finance or marketing departments may not realize the role information security plays, not only to them, but the company as a whole. Open, productive dialogue will help not only promote greater security awareness, but you might even see a little more of the budget allocated your way.Program Management: Cyber security changes quickly, and needs people with the skills to effectively manage a host of dynamic projects surrounding a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Feel free to share your thoughts on what other skills you think are important for your fellow Cybrarians to take into consideration.And don’t forget to check in on the new positions employers are posting!
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