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5 Reasons Cyber Professionals Don't Worry About Job Security

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November 5, 2015

Tokyo Cyber Security JobsUpdated August 2018

Job security in the field of Cyber Security:

Cyber security, as much as it seems to be just a buzzword as of late, is very much part of our present and future lives. Today's cyber industry is more than just "generic IT," it revolves around not just hardware or software, but data, security, and compliance. Our reliance on technology continues to grow; and now, with the commencement of the Internet of Things (IoT), that technology is growing even more connected and interdependent.Think about everything we do with our mobile devices; cell phones, tablets, laptops, even car systems. With all the technology surrounding our day-to-day lives, it's hard to not hear about breaches or attempted attacks.Week after week, a new breach hits the airwaves, reminding us that even, what seems to be, the largest and most protected companies share in the same risk we all face. Companies large and small all face risk, but are they prepared for it?While those threats - and our need for hypervigilance - will never truly dissipate, we as a community of cyber security professionals can find the silver lining in it all.The demand for our skills is the highest they've ever been. This translates to having a career that can be both lucrative and provide us with significant growth potential. And, coincidently enough, demand for those skills to help protect against and deter attackers will only continue to rise.Check out these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t feel worried about job security as a cyber professional:
  1. Our growing use and reliance on technology
  2. As the sophistication of our technology improves, so do the attacks performed by cybercriminals
  3. Cyberterrorism, and the use of technology as a weapon
  4. New technologies = new attack vectors
  5. Lack of professionals that have the cyber skills and qualifications to fill the demand
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