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Traversing the Cyber Corridor

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October 15, 2015

Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are being called the hub for cyber security jobs. Driven by an exorbitant federal budget and an influx of venture capital, demand for cyber security professionals is not only high, but, as basic economics tells us, due to the shortage of those qualified professionals, salaries for these positions are pushing ever higher.The venture capital that has made its way into the Cyber Corridor (as the DC, VA, MD area has been known to be called) is helping to drive these open vacancies and infuse money into the swiftly growing $77 billion cyber security industry. Venture capital firms, such as Inner Loop Capital, have been making big strides to help fund and grow the future cybersecurity leaders of tomorrow. And they are not alone. Cyber security accelerator, Mach37, a 90 day intensive program in Virginia, is developing these “next generation of cybersecurity product companies” and looking to transform the industry all together; and, with their demo day quickly approaching, we are eager to see what ideas and opportunities come from those seven companies selected (check out their fall release here).So how much do you stand to make? Well, while those working in federal agencies, many who possess clearances, look to pull in 10-15% more; cyber security job seekers looking for positions, within the Cyber Corridor, on average, should expect to see annual wages at, and over, $100,000. Interested in learning more about what it means to be a cyber security professional in these areas?Check out our pages below and get your resumes updated and ready for those employers!Washington DC Cyber JobsVirginia Cyber JobsMaryland Cyber Jobs 
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