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How to Get a Cyber Security Job on Cybrary

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By: klowe

October 16, 2015

Getting hired has never been an easy process. Between revamping your resume and spending hours on LinkedIn searching for 'networking opportunities', looking for a new job can be both time-consuming and frustrating.Enter Cybrary's new job platform, created in part to help alleviate some of the stress invariably involved in the job hunting process. Currently, there are over one million unfilled jobs in the cyber security industry. The problem? Matching the right talent to the number of open positions. Cybrary's job board aims to fix this issue. By matching our large community of talented security professionals with competitive employment opportunities, the vacancy issue in the industry will significantly improve.So how do you get a job on Cybrary? Well, for starters, you want to make sure that your profile is completed entirely---and with real information. Sure, writing funny things on your profile might impress your friends, but when it comes to getting hired by corporations like IBM, you'll want to look as professional as possible. Below are some tips on how to get "Cybrary Ready" for a job.[insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"][one_third]Click to Enlarge!jeremy[/one_third][two_third_last]1. Complete your profile. Cybrary Member @jeremy-hudson's profile is a good example. He includes a summary of his experience, a thorough listing of his education and skills and also has a professional photo attached to his profile. Your profile can be edited by hovering over your username in the upper right hand corner. The drop-down menu will display "Edit My Profile". Click that link and get to working. Don't forgot to hit save![/two_third_last][clear][insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"][two_third]2. Upload your resume to the site by clicking "Manage Resume". Then, click add resume. The page will prompt you to a page in which you can fill in your resume information. Click Preview to look over your content. If you're OK with what you've filled in, select "Submit Resume". Otherwise, go back and hit "Edit Resume" to make any last minute changes you think are necessary.[/two_third][one_third_last]Click to enlarge![/one_third_last][clear][insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"][one_third]boom[/one_third][two_third_last]3. Present yourself in the best way possible! Refrain from pestering employers about your resume and let your credentials do the talking instead. Messaging recruiters "Sir, bro, did you get my resume?????" isn't the best idea. Instead, apply for the position using your resume and profile, and wait to hear back from the employer.[/two_third_last]


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Good luck, and happy job hunting!

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