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Why Using Study Guides Make a Big Difference

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By: klowe

September 16, 2015

Why Using Study Guides Make a Big Difference - Cybrary

You know those times where you took an exam without studying, and still did well?

We hate to break it to you, but those times don't exist in the Infosec world. 

Sure, you may have one or two baby Einsteins who can sit through a five-day bootcamp and retain all of the information without blinking, but for the rest of us, actual studying is part of the process will have to occur.

When it comes to reviewing for an exam, the problem many of us face isn't how to do it, it's where to start. The internet is a treasure trove (or trash - depending on how you look at it) of study material. The difficulty lies in selecting the best place to begin your review. Should you use that book you found on Amazon? A test simulator? Your instructor's barely legible notes? While you're spending so much time figuring out where to begin, you're losing valuable time you could've used to study!Sigh. Knowing the ups and downs of locating the best study materials, we created a set of interactive, in-depth study guides to help test-takers learn the topics they need to know in order to pass their certification exams. Why waste time searching for tables and diagrams on the Project Management Life Cycle when you can just use our free PMP exam study guide and get the information you need?Similarly, after spending over 13 hours viewing the free Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course, you probably won't be in the mood for intense web research on the best study material. We've made things easier for you by providing our free CEH study guide for your use.We mix it up, too. The Cybrary study guides leverage multiple choice, long-answer and true/false questions. You'll be more prepared for the exam then you ever thought you could be by using a study guide. Pretty simple, huh?Our library of freebies also includes:Soon, you'll have nothing to hold you back on studying and gaining more certifications!Studying may not be the high point of your week, but it's necessary if you'd to upgrade your certification status in the world. Our classes are extremely helpful, but if you want to be great, you'll need to take advantage all our of resources---and that includes our study guides.Step awayyyy from the Google search query...our study guides are all you need.
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