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Why Hundreds of Thousands of People are Learning Hacking, for Free

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By: ryan c

September 3, 2015

Perhaps it is somewhat shocking that hundreds of thousands of people are learning hacking, for free on Cybrary. However, there are several very good reasons for this free cyber security learning revolution.A fundamental change in the way cyber security is taught and learned, is upon us. Together, the Cybrary team, and each of our Members, are making this change happen, and it is well overdue. The ability to learn cyber security should be a right, not a privilege. Up until now, that privilege was reserved for people who could afford to pay large sums of money to take a one week class. That model has caused a void in our cyber security ecosystem, and the results are the chaos, fear and void that we live with every day, as well as the massive cyber security skills gap which includes over 1,000,000 unfilled high-paying jobs.sm4Again, the ability to learn cyber security is a right, not a privilege, and this right belongs to all humanity. Why? Because everyone is affected by the inability to learn cyber security, from the up and coming cyber security analysts, to farmers tending their gardens, to single mothers working two jobs to support their children, to teens in developing nations looking to better themselves via free education on the web, everyone.As we know, sometime soon, the entire world will be connected to the internet via some form of device. In the past few years, we have witnessed the greatest corporate enterprises suffer huge data breaches, which not only embarrassed them, but affected the innocent people whose data was stolen in the breach. We have witnessed; hacked baby monitors tormenting babies in their cribs, an automobile driven off the road by a hacker and Internet of Things devices exploited providing easy access to one’s home network. Is it fair that most parents remain clueless to in-home cyber security best practices while they and their children participate freely on the web, and their internet enabled home security system, or thermostat, or smart television is at the mercy of anyone who may have malicious intent? What about the family who can only afford one device, and that device is critical to their life, growth and development, and that device becomes infected with malware, or is used to steal their head of houshold’s identity?The point is, we all are forced to use internet enabled devices now, we have no choice, we must, and yet with the current model of cyber security learning, we are also forced to remain essentially clueless about how to defend ourselves. We deserve the right to protect ourselves from the threats that exist. Knowledge is a right, not a privilege.Cyber security is a mess right now, it is in a state of uncontrolled madness where only the few have the power to control, and the majority are defenseless. Resources for professionals who want to grow their career in the field are limited to those who have large enough amounts of expendable income to pay for a $5,000 per week class. The barrier to entry level jobs is equally as high, and therefore we have a skills gap of over 1,000,000 jobs globally, jobs that could feed families and grow economies.This is why, cyber security learning is a right, not a privilege for the few. This is why hundreds of thousands of people are learning for free on Cybrary. Again, the people that are affected by the lack of learning resources, until now, include families, developing nations, aspiring young adults, governments, local cities and towns, small businesses, the largest of enterprises and everyone else interacting with an internet enabled device. This is why the fundamental change in cyber security learning is happening now, and it has already had an impact on the industry. So if you have not yet joined the revolution, you are potentially falling behind. So it is probably best you start learning cyber security for free, now!
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