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CyDefe Podcast Has a Cool Tee Shirt, Help Support Their Kickoff!

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By: ryan c

August 19, 2015

There is a cyber defense podcast that launched a couple of months ago called CyDefe, and they have been doing some really cool things. Their focus, and tagline, is "Making cyber defense simple". I had the pleasure of joining this podcast for an episode, primarily focused on end user security, the other day. That episode will launch Thursday, 8/20/15. In their short time podcasting, they have already had some really cool guests, including last week's guest Jayson Street. What I find exceptional about this podcast, is not only the fact that you can learn tricks and tips about keeping your defenses high, in a simplified manner, is the fact that they have really high production value. Essentially, Ray and Micheil do a great job at editing the episode to make it smooth, flowing and high quality, all the way through.To help support what this podcast is doing regarding educating the industry, we highly suggest that you purchase one of their tee shirts via their Tee Spring campaign here. Its a cool logo, cool tee shirt, and a cool mission they are on!I'd also recommend giving them a follow on Twitter: CyDefe's Twitter Account
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