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Minimize Vulnerability to VMEscape

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By: ryan c

July 3, 2015

Minimize Vulnerability to VMEscape - CybraryAre you familiar with the process of a virtual machine's OS separating from its parent's hypervisor, which is known as VMEscape? Are you familiar with the key vulnerabilities that exist within the VMEscape process? Here is how you mitigate security risks in VMEscape:
  • Keep virtual machine software patched.
  • Install only the resource-sharing features that are required.
  • Keep software installations to a minimum as each program carries vulnerabilities.
If you're less than familiar with organizational/enterprise security in a virtual environment, then perhaps you should spend some time learning more about the topic in CompTIA CASP training course.The CASP certification actually covers a very wide amount of cloud/VM security. Since this remains a hot topic, it makes total sense for you to dig in. Hey, its free on Cybrary, so why not?In addition to the class, learn more about this in our CASP study guide, and the topic of VMEscape, which is a part of that study guide.Enjoy and study hard - the CASP is not an easy exam!
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