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Why Isn't That Course Live Yet?!

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By: klowe

June 23, 2015

Picture1We get it. We truly do. We're JUST as excited about our new classes as you. We understand the anticipation, the anxiousness and the frustration. You joined Cybrary just for Malware Analysis. You refresh the Metasploit course page daily.  We get it, because we created Cybrary for you. 

So when you ask us about the release date of a specific class and we can't give you a definitive answer, it's not because we don't care about you. It's because there's a lot that involves getting these classes perfect for you, and sometimes we can't promise that the process will go as seamlessly as hoped. You see, because we use these super-awesome Subject Matter Experts to teach our courses, we're at the will of their schedule---and being super-awesome SMEs means that they sometimes get really, really busy, and we have to work around their jammed-packed schedule to get content filmed. And after they so graciously volunteer their time, we've got another long round of production edits, quality-control and uploads to get through (see the timeline here?). We don't say this to complain about the process, but to make things a little clearer to all of our Members. Courses that are listed as in the pipeline are indeed going to be released, but the time frame is uncertain due to scheduling and editing workarounds that we're actively trying to get sorted out. We have a small team of dedicated staff here working around the clock to maintain Cybrary and keep you guys happy, and we love doing our job.So next time you wonder about the release date of a course, take a minute to read back over this page and understand that we're not stalling or purposely denying you the opportunity to take a class --- we're hard at work getting things lined up so you can enjoy! And P.S. --- look at it like this: whenever the course you've been waiting on does finally'll be like having an extra birthday in July...or whatever month the class comes out. :-)cc:
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