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The Importance of the CompTIA Network+ Course for a Cyber Security Career

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By: ryan c

June 3, 2015

Many of the Members that join Cybrary, join because they are looking to begin a career in cyber security. This is obviously a great idea given that the amount of unfilled jobs in cyber security, globally, is estimated to be over 1 million. The question is though, where should one begin when they have no tech, IT, or cyber security experience at all?CompTIA Network Plus LogoWe address a variety of scenarios for people looking for training on the learning paths page on our site. Most commonly, it is best to begin ones career by learning the very principles of hardware, software and operating systems, and this would be covered, in depth, in our A+ certification training class.However, we get plenty of feedback on this topic, and a pretty common theme is that many people do not want to take the time to study A+, and so the next question is; “If I didn’t want to do A+, where would I begin instead?”The answer to that question is simple, it’s with the Network+ training course. CompTIA’s Network+ is a thorough, yet entry level look into networking principles that are going to be critical to easily know and understand as one progresses down the path of cyber security classes. For example, the Security+ class, often a class associated with the starting point for true cyber security, requires a foundational level of networking, such as an understanding of TCP/IP, and subnetting fundamentals. In the Certified Ethical Hacker course, it is assumed that one has a solid knowledge of certain aspects of network communications as well. Given the technical nature of the CEH, compared to the Security+ for example, the foundation that Network+ would provide, is even more essential.So the lesson here is this, if one is looking to fast track a career into cyber security, one must fully understand the principles covered in the CompTIA Network+ course. There really is no getting around it.
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