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Security+ Certification Success by Cybrary Member @aer9480

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By: ryan c

June 29, 2015

jump-cybraryBelow is an email we received from Cybrary Member @aer9480. He wrote to tell us about the success he had in passing the exam after taking our Security+ Course.If you have a similar success story, we'd love to share it. Send an email telling us about it:
Here's @aer9480's email:Hey everyone. My name is Alan Raff. I am a Computing Security student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. I just wanted to take a couple minutes to explain why Cybrary is an extremely valuable resource in the growing field of cybersecurity. Cybrary is a phenomenal website that offers free courses for many different certifications and topics, including networking, system administration, and many aspects of cybersecurity.I am currently interning for the Massachusetts Port Authority cybersecurity office, and Cybrary has definitely helped me learn things that I need to know in the workplace. The course I took gave me insight about not only HOW things happen, but WHY they happen, and how I can mitigate security related risks in the company I work for.Over the past weekend, I passed my CompTIA Security+ exam and I am proud to say that I am now Security+ certified. Cybrary has helped me achieve this awesome accomplishment without paying a cent, unlike spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars for classes that other companies offer. They have an extensive amount of classes that teach the user the material in a fun and modern way. The subject matter experts are excellent at teaching you and keeping you entertained with the material. As I said before, I just completed my Security+ certification, and I cannot wait to take more courses through Cybrary!With all this being said, I would absolutely recommend everyone check out Even if you don’t want to go for a certification, Cybrary will teach you many things you need to know to be successful in the field of cybersecurity.
Way to go, Alan!
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