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Education: the first line of defense in wireless network security

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By: Rachel Laura M

June 16, 2015

Wireless networks are fast and convenient and allow for many devices to be connected on a network and communicate with each other. However, this technology presents a new set of issues that weren’t present in the wired world. Mainly, threats to security including but certainly not limited to:
  • Information reaching unintended recipients
  • Unauthorized users exploiting the open access of such systems; destroying or stealing data
  • Network shutdowns to attacks
  • Authorized users losing network access due to intruders
  • Identity theft
In order to lessen risk and increase security, it is important for companies to take certain measures prior to establishing a wireless network. Organizations must access risk, take steps to reduce risk and maintain these measures, these steps can include the following:
  • Always understanding a wireless networks full topology
  • Keep an inventory of all wireless and handheld devices
  • Backup data on a frequent basis
  • Have a regular schedule of assessing and testing network security
  • Perform random security audits that monitor and track wireless and handheld devices
  • Apply patches and security enhancements when needed
  • Monitor for new threats and vulnerabilities
  • Watch for release of new products
  • Stay on top of increased security settings for handheld and wireless devices
With wireless technology growing at such an exponential rate, one of the strongest measures a company can take is to employ IT security professionals (i.e., network administrators, security consultants, security engineers, security analysts) who possess the latest information and are on top of growing trends in the field. Professionals who know about general security concepts, cryptography, communications, operational and organizational security. A strong team with clearly defined roles and measures in place should a breach in security occur are the first line of defense in keeping a company’s wireless network and all the devices on it safe from the vulnerabilities associated with this technology. Want to learn more about security related issues in wireless networks? Take one of our self-guided study courses today!
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