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Cybrary is Going Global!

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By: klowe

June 11, 2015


Calling all Spanish, French and German Speakers

Cybrary's mission is to provide free cyber security and IT training to people across the globe. However, as an English-only website, we have been limited in our ability to reach people who do not speak English as a first language. Because we are committed to making our revolution global, we are expanding our course content to include translated subtitles to make free learning truly accessible to all. Spanish, French or German speakers are encouraged to reach out to Cybrary and help support our initiative by working as a volunteer translator for our course content. We are seeking users to help translate course and video descriptions, and ultimately, the course itself, module by module.If you speak another language that you think would be useful for Cybrary users worldwide, please do not hesitate to offer your contribution. It is all greatly appreciated! Please email [@klowe] to speak about translating a course in Spanish, French, German or another language! 

English Speakers, We Need You Too 

To streamline the translation process, we need original English transcripts of Cybrary course content as well. Because we already have our course descriptions in English, we would only need volunteers to transcribe the video content for our courses on the site. This will also help support those who do not always have internet access to view Cybrary videos, or for learners who prefer to read content instead of viewing video. If you are available to volunteer your time to support the free training initiative by providing a English-language transcription of course videos,  please email [@klowe]!Check out this page regarding specific details on how to correctly translate video content for Cybrary. *Please note that all translations and transcriptions are volunteer-based, and volunteers will not be compensated monetarily for their work. If you wish to volunteer as a language translator/transcriber, you will be awarded with a special badge and 50 Cybytes for your time. As always,  thank you for supporting the revolution.  
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