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What Enterprise End User Security Awareness Effectiveness Requires

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By: klowe

May 22, 2015

The end user security awareness industry has taken off substantially in the last several years. As more and more organizations are breached and embarrassed publicly due to end user negligence or malevolence, the mass adoption of "we need to do something about this" has spread rampantly. What we previously believed to be a problem reserved for major corporations, we now realize is a problem that faces organizations of every size and type. Great examples include the Damariscotta Country Sheriff's Department who was hacked and then held for ransom over the data that was breached, and the ransom was $300 in bitcoin. So what does a solid end user security awareness strategy look like within an enterprise organization? In a recent white paper that we released (Analyzing the Existence of the End User Security Vulnerability) we had the opportunity to conduct research on what effective end user security awareness should include in an organization. The results of this research helped share our end user security course, because the research gave us a guideline.  The research we conducted point out two key takeaways to organizational end user security efficacy. These include culture and learning model. To summarize both, a culture that rewards security best practices and motivates employees to implement them, is one that is proven to have greater results. But in addition to the culture, the end users must be empowered through learning in a clearly defined manner. This learning model involves a blend of conceptual and procedural learning, which essentially falls in line with social cognitive theory.We designed the structure and format of our end user security course around what the studies we found, showed to be proven methods for end user security best practice efficacy and confidence. So if you are looking to significantly upgrade your end user security position, incorporating an excellent class like ours, that approaches end user learning based on proven methodologies is the first step, and the second step is to build your culture. 
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