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Start Learning Mobile Penetration Testing and the Smartphone Pentest Framework

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By: ryan c

April 16, 2015

The Smartphone Pentest Framework (SPF) in Kali Linux is an increasingly useful tool, initially developed by Georgia Weidman. The 5 part tutorial for how to use the SPF is part of the Advanced Penetration Testing class, which of course is free, just like all of our classes. For Cybrary Members who have a solid foundation in penetration testing, I would highly recommend you take that course, overall, it is an invaluable experience since it deeply covers a wide variety of advanced pen testing concepts, and Georgia is an exceptional talent.Mobile security and penetration testing is a relatively new field. There are aspects of this field that are deeply overlooked, even by many very advanced and progressive organizations. The SPF however, provides a foundation for what to test, what to tools to use and how to use them on mobile security devices and applications.For those Cybrary Members who are looking to learn more about mobile penetration testing and the SPF, in addition to the free class on our site, here are some resources to set you on the right track:The SPF User GuideThis document features installation, setup, running the tool, attaching a mobile modem, remote attack examples, client side attacks, SPF agents and more. It is a comprehensive guide to using the framework.Mobile Hacking IntroductionCybrary’s Advanced PenTesting CourseBrakeing Down Security Podcast with Georgia WeidmanHopefully these resources help you to develop a foundation around mobile penetration testing. There will be more free class content on this topic on Cybrary in the near future. Enjoy Cybrary, and of course give back to the pentesting community by contributing and spreading the word of our free education initiative!
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