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Coding and Cyber Security, Hand-in-Hand, Yet Different

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By: ryan c

April 21, 2015

We often get asked by our Members, if we plan on offering coding classes. The short answer is no, and typically, what we do, is refer people to sites like Codecademy and Code Fellows. Those companies specialize in coding / programming training, and have capabilities to do that type of training much better than we do. Our focus is on core Cyber Security training.However, the fact that our Members consistently ask us about that type of training is because a fundamental knowledge of coding is absolutely important to developing one’s career in Cyber Security. As Joe Perry explains in the teaser video for our soon to be released class how Python is used for security, the ability to use scripting and coding, to manipulate tools is critical in this field. If you have the ability to write code that can slightly alter the application of your tools and methods, you are greater leveraging your ability to test different environments. Many open source pentesting tools operate in a specific manner, very effectively on their own. However, different environments are set up to thwart the use of many of these tools. By altering the code of a given tool, you can customize that tools application to the specific environment that you are working.So to reiterate, we absolutely encourage everyone who uses Cybrary, to establish a fundamental knowledge of coding and scripting. The Python for Security Professionals class will teach specifically, the concepts of Python that will be used in a penetration testing environment, however, it’s a surface level class for non-coders. In order to truly become a successful pentester, it is recommended that you gain more experience in this area.
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