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Classes That Help You Build a Cyber Security Career

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By: ryan c

March 12, 2015

This post will begin by assuming you have a baseline skill set in information technology. Generally, in order to begin your career in Cyber Security, you would need some fundamental skills. Often, in the IT training industry, baseline skills include topics covered in the CompTIA A+ class and the Network+ class. If you don’t have that type of skill set, begin there, then move in to Cyber Security learning.The Linux+ certification class will definitely provide you with useful knowledge that you'll apply later in your Cyber Security career. The class covers in depth Linux server administration function, installation, hardware, updating, filesystems, security, networking with Linux, configuration and troubleshooting. Many classes and skill sets in Cyber Security, will require that you have this foundational knowledge. For example, in the Certified Ethical Hacker class, you will need to know your way around a Linux box.The Security+ course is a must take for all people looking to build a career in Cyber Security. Although it is less tactical from a security implementation standpoint, this course teaches you the strategy and theory behind information assurance best practices. Learn organizational security policy, procedure, setup and maintenance, it will be helpful in developing the bigger picture.From there, you can feel confident enough to proceed with the hacking, penetration testing, offensive and defensive infosec courses. Besides a little coding knowledge, which you can get for free from Codecademy, you should be good to move forward and grow as a Cyber Security professional, no matter which career path you go down.
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