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Zip Repair: Recover Corrupted & Damaged Compressed Files

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By: william1234Jack

June 12, 2017

Many products are available in the online marketing arena, which claims to repair and recover corrupted zip files. But, one necessary product is the best zip recovery software - used to retrieve lost data from a compressed file. Here, we will work for users to provide an error-free ZIP Repair tool to recover corrupted, inaccessible, and damaged compressed file data.

Overview of Zip Files

Zip is a file format that is used to archive data files and folders. It is basically a compressed file that supports lossless data compression. The file is widely used to compact large size files for internet transmission. The reduced size file can be easily transferred over the network. But, due to the wide use of a .zip file, it is prone to corruption, which makes it difficult for a simple computer user to access the file. 

Once the .zip file gets broken or corrupted then, it's almost impossible to explore any data in that file. It creates a hazardous situation for every user if one can not uncompress the zip file and meanwhile, facing some kind of error.

Reasons Behind ZIP File Corruption

There are many causes that can corrupt .zip files and make them inaccessible. Some of them are provided below:

·         While sharing .zip files over a network, CRC errors can occur which may change the raw data of the compressed file, leading to zip file corruption.

·         Incomplete downloading of a compressed file can cause data corruption.

·         Malicious programs like viruses, trojans, etc., can also corrupt ZIP files that are stored on the machine

·         Sudden power failure during compressing or uncompressing data files or folders.

·         If required disk space not available while uncompressing zip file then, files can get corrupted.


Corruption of ZIP Files does not mean that it is the end point to access damaged files. Depending on the reason for corruption there are many utilities that can repair zip files and recover items from the source files in a healthy state. In the following section, we'll cover one of the simplest ways to find a trusted solution to fix the issue.

Zip Repair Tool: An Expert Approach

If ZIP file gets corrupted or broken, then it is impossible to explore the WinZip file and hence, extraction of data gets difficult. Therefore, the only approach left is to use a Zip Repair tool, which is developed to repair corrupt or damaged ZIP files and extract data from them. No matter what the size of the file is, the tool will support files of any size without generating any error messages.

Features of Zip Repair Software

The zip recovery application possesses many features that are very helpful in fixing corrupted zip files. Some of the features are listed below:

·         Repair Corrupt ZIP File

The software is capable of repairing highly corrupted or broken compressed files without losing a single bit of information from them.

·         Recover Inaccessible File

WinZip repair tool not only performs repairing operations but, also recovers data from the file. It can extract all data types like images, documents, text files, etc.

·         View File With Attributes

A user can view all recovered files along with their attribute like file name, file size, file type, etc., on the preview area of the software.

·         Extract As Compressed Files

The Zip Recovery software provides an open to save the retrieved data again in a compressed format, which means that it is again possible to have a healthy ZIP file.

·         Repair Password Protected ZIP File

The utility supports password protected compressed files to retrieve files and folders from corrupted file, which is having security imposed within it.


How do you extract data from a corrupted zip file? Well, now you have the answer. Zip repair software is an all-in-one application that offers the complete suite of features required for handling broken zip files. No need to worry about any data loss factors because the software guarantees - with a very high degree of certainty - that it will extract data in the same format as the original one.

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