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Workarounds for Chrome

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By: lemmycv

October 14, 2016


Google Chrome is a great browser when it comes to responsiveness and speed but at the sacrifice of memory. I personally love to make sure my computers are running as lean as possible and I wondered if I could do the same with chrome. Lo and behold, there are ways to speed up your browsing.

*Warning: I have tested these settings at home and in a work environment with no issues. Choosing the wrong options can and will crash your chrome and may need a full re-install. Also, do this at your own risk.*

Open Google Chrome and in the URL type in chrome://flags and hit enter

Locate the following:

  • Fast tab/window close – Enable
  • Enable touch events – Disable
  • Touch adjustment – Disable
  • Password generation – Disabled
  • Save passwords automatically – Disabled
  • Force-saving of passwords – Disabled
  • Manual password generation – Disabled
  • Device Discovery Notifications – Disabled
  • The number of raster threads – 4 *Note that this will allow chrome to use more RAM. If unsure regarding your amount of RAM, leave it alone*
  • Child account detection – Disabled
  • Child account SafeSites filtering – Disabled
  • WebUSB – Disabled
  • Desktop Share with tab source – Disabled
  • New profile management system – Disabled
  • Enable the new avatar menu – Disable

This should help speed up your Chrome experience. Also, as a bonus for those who use multiple tabs: locate Tab audio muting UI control and enable this feature. You can now mute the sound by clicking the little speaker icon for each tab!

Side note, please keep in mind that these settings are verified with version 53.0.2785.101 m (64-bit).  Each version of chrome adds or removes, or changes the name. So if you don't see it, just skip to the next one.

Happy browsing everyone.

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