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Women In Cyber - Pursuing Passion

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By: Responsible Cyber

July 20, 2017

I have launched a Women In Cyber Initiative and I feel overwhelmed by all the support received from my contacts: men and women. With the current situation in cyber security, the forecasted skill shortfall, the security challenges and the rise of cyber crimes, we might think that we all should be worried.  We might think that but what if we could change this situation?

We see businesses growing and going digital. We see businesses moving to the cloud. These changes create new movements, new technology usages a, d new users' usages.

They also create a clear requirement and a need for tech savy professionals, in the mentioned fields. Cyber security is one of them.

Based on the current numbers of women in cyber security, being limited to 11% and obvioulsy the fact that I am a woman, I would like to encourage women to follow a great career opportunity and become a cyber security professional. I would like women to support and inspire other women towards this exciting path. When I see so many reactions and in some cases, overreactions to my posts around this topic, I feel the need to give a much deeper vision to my point of view and my initiative.

Woman In Cyber supports equal permission, support, education, acceptance, and encouragement to the cyber security field across countries.

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The below points is my advice for young ladies and women. No matter where you are, just follow your passion.

1.      If You Like It, Do it

One of my good friends mentioned, "boys play with war games and girls with Barbies." This might be a reality; however, this does'nt mean that is a generality. Girls might try other games and might have other skills. Girls might like to try war games, too.

My message here is: Let yourself, your daughter, sister, wife discover what you/she likes without predefined biases or conditioning.

1.      If You are Good at It, Excell at It

2.      If You Have A Career Goal in Cyber, Fight For It

3.      If You are In Cyber, Inspire

4.      If You Want to Be a Woman In Cyber, DO EVERYTHING TO BE A GREAT WOMAN IN CYBER


Who I am ?

Magda CHELLY, a Woman In Cyber or a Cyberfeminist, I am the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd.

I have a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering followed by a cyber security specialization. This is my absolute passion. 

I have an extensive experience of delivering Cyber Security education and awareness programs to international organizations around the World.

I try to make a change in the cyber security field and I have accomplished the below:

  • Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. is an official CISCO partner for cyber security services. We support companies with their cyber security roadmaps.
  • Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd.. launched a Professional Diploma in Cyber Security, Cloud, and IoT in Singapore. We support individuals to undertake a career in cyber security and learn the appropriate skills.
  • Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. has evolved from Singapore to 19 locations around the World, through a strategic alliance with K2 Partnering Solutions. We support companies to build their cyber security workforce.
  • Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. is part of a cyber security certification program for corporates in partnership with ItGRC Asia. We support corporate to certify essential cyber security controls.
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