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Will Cyber Security along with Data Science Revolutionize the Technology Arena?

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By: Tapan Jatakia

June 13, 2019

What is Data Science? 'The Amalgamation of AI+ML+Big_Data' would be the sweetest and shortest answer.Formal Definitions:
  1. The application of tools, techniques, and methodologies of domains such as algorithms, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence in a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable manner which ultimately leads to Scientific and Engineered approaches to Data and the various operations that can be performed on it.
  2. The multi-disciplinary field that uses processes guided by scientific methods and implements algorithms on systems designed and developed to take out knowledge and develop insights from the extracted data of varied formats, in unstructured and structured forms is called Data Science.
Now, readers must be thinking as to what is the relation between IT/Cyber Security and AI, ML, Data Science?Friends, as we all know that Data Scientist has been dubbed as 'The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century' by the Harvard Business Review. IT/Cyber Security has always been a very Important Job in all the sectors and may be termed as 'The Most Essential Job of the 21st Century'.Issues: A lot of skills gap and inadequately trained personnel for the Security domain and Lack of skilled Data Scientists in the IT market.The perspective of the article here is to highlighten the Amalgamation of both of these vast domains as well as combining them and analyzing their impact and effects.IT/Cyber Security: Security Domain bags the credit of producing the most important jobs of 21st Century as everywhere we do find that Security Professionals are demanded in quantity having the huge pre-requisite quality of 'knowledge + skills + talents + experience'. The huge skills gap of this Arena requires to be filled.Data Science: Since the past decade, there have been enterprises initiating and delivering solutions in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Skilled Personnel is required to address the Real World Data Accumulation and Processing Problems.Speculations and many statistics predict that Cyber Professionals would be replaced by AI just as many manual jobs would be replaced by AI Technologies(but here we would study AI and its impact on IT Professionals). However, leveraging the AI technologies in Security domain is not a near future possibility. But, in coming 5 years or so the Security Market would be thriving with solutions based on AI which would require the End User Client to deploy only a small amount of Human workforce. Recently I saw that Ericsson has registered 2000+ AI patents in the domain of Machine Learning and AI solutions that range from IoT to SOC and Network Operations and is in process of ToT or TT meaning Technology Transfer. A video of Ericsson, while they were demonstrating their AI based SOC's capabilities to some delegates clearly showed that AI in Cyber Security was certainly a Revolution, but gradually this has the capability to snatch away the newer vacancies of Freshers and even the jobs of Experienced Personnel. However, this AI and Intelligent Machines are always speculated to have been emerging as Job Destroyers as per the Human Employment scenario; the field of IT Security is going to be at a rapidly fluctuating state when the Huge Skills Gap would start to get filled by the AI Technologies that would ultimately affect Human Resources - Experienced Personnel and Freshers at large.The most affected people would be the Freshers who dreamed purely of a Cyber Career but their vacancies are filled by AI; if they do not possess the required knowledge+skills+talent+experience in Data_Science+Machine_Algorithms+Artificial_Intelligence eventually would be left jobless or forced to change their career. Companies might yet retain the Experienced Personnel due to their previously gained knowledge+skills+talent+experience in IT Security as well as they could be trained for the upcoming transitions in AI technology.The best example of an AI SOC for the readers to gain a better idea of understanding the concept and issue at hand:SOC Teams usually have 50 to 100+ Cyber Professionals who have prior Experience of a minimum of 2 years. Now, we all know that how much tedious is the job of an IT/Cyber Professional who is working in SOC Teams. Its an interesting job profile and I have seen people working day and night in SOC. It's a very important part of the IT Security Domain. The video that I saw regarding Ericsson's AI SOC claims to replace SOC Teams of any company the world over with just 1 Person controlling the AI that addresses the entire SOC of a data center. Now, just imagine the Intellect+Qualifications required for that person who controls that AI SOC? Experts knowledge in IT/Cyber Security Domain, Good Communication Skills (to command the AI) and Good Decision-Making Skills. That is all...!Data Science Professionals, Scientists, Developers are definitely going to get enormous benefits by the wave of AI Technologies. But a Cyber Professional must also have a very good knowledge of this AI wave and its tools & methodologies so that he/she is not left out from the Crowd.Conclusion: Enthusiasts, Students, Practitioners, Professionals, Personnel who are dreaming, pursuing, working in Cyber Domain must be ready for these rapid transitions in the upcoming years. The IT market has many such MOOCs, Open Distance Online Courses, Certifications, Study Guides, etc. available for study in Data Science domain. My personal view is that pursuing a Degree that is related to IT/Cyber Security domains is very much great and rewarding for a Career in IT Security but also acquiring knowledge+skills+talent+experience in Data Science and developing projects with amalgamation of Data_Science+IT/Cyber_Security would be a unique approach on a student's as well as a professional's part to highlight the CV/Resume to the Recruiter/Employer.I would be contributing write-ups on Cybrary regarding how to combine Cyber Security with Data Science by illustrating various projects, also the tools and techniques that a Cyber Professional can follow to learn and implement Data Science not as a burden but by relating everything to Cyber Security domain by doing MOOCs, Paid as well as Free Courses, etc. So, keep following my articles and contributing to Cybrary.For more information regarding the importance of Data Science, Readers can refer to the following Cybrary Articles:-Connecting your Data Strategy to Analytics: Eight questions to askBig Data Hadoop Certification: Elevating Company PerformanceSome Quotes from Data Science domain by distinguished personalities to keep you motivated:
Torture the Data, and it will Confess to Anything
--Quote on Data Science by Ronald Coase, recipient of the Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. 
In the next 10 years, data science and software will do more for medicine than all of the biological sciences together.
--Quote on Data Science the Co-Founder at Sun Microsystems and Founder at Khosla Ventures - Vinod Khosla.Critics, Questions, Queries and Suggestions on this Article are always welcomed.Author: DCE Tapan JatakiaContact: +91 9664332984Cybrary ProfileLinkedin Profile
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