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Wi-Fi Hacking Using Wifite and CudaHashcat

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By: bachan

October 19, 2016

audioThis posting discusses how easy is to crack someone's wifi password using wifite and cudaHashcat.Tools used :kali linux (O.S.)cudaHashcatA strong dictionary (for wpa/wpa2)First of all, you have to ensure that you have a wireless adapter card (alpha card, TP-LINK, netgear etc.)I am assuming that you have the set up of your hacking machine. Now let's start.Boot into kali linux and Open the terminal and type airmon-ng for checking that you have a working wireless adapter card .Now put your system into monitor mode using the commands:airmon-ng check killairmon-ng start wlan0 (in my case it is wlan0)Then type the command wifite (to attack multiple WEP, WPA or WPS encrypted networks)It automatically sniffs all the wi-fi networks available in the air.When you are done press ctrl+c for stop scanning.After scanning you just have to select which ssid you want to  attack. Now the next steps are your decision.First it is going to check for wps pin attack. If wps available (you can stop it manually) else it is going to deauthenticate all the clients and check for handshake (in wpa/wpa2 security)Now when you got the handshake just move into that directory. It is in the .cap file extension, convert it into the .hccap extension file using the command:aircrack-ng one.cap -J another(it automatically takes the extension hccap)Now in the terminal type the command for cracking the hccap file:hashcat -m 2500 another.hccap  dic.txtExplanation :hashcat : it is in my case it could be different on different platformsm: mode of hash2500 : is for wpa/wpa2If the password is found in the dictionary, you are done.I've created some videos on wifi hacking ,you can see them on my YouTube channel.Here's a taste of what I do: Revealing Saved Browser Passwords
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