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Why Do You Need a VPN?

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By: David Balaban

January 21, 2018

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Virtual private networks, or VPN are in high demand now. More and more people access their confidential data using public networks. Therefore, the threat of theft of this data has substantially increased. Here's what you need to know about it.

What does the VPN do?

Virtual private networks provide a secure Internet connection between the user and a specific network area that is recognized as secure. Data transmission is encrypted. The user opens a VPN connection on his device - tablet or smartphone - or goes to the VPN website, where he may safely work with documents, mail, etc.

Why should we use a VPN?

The bulk of users who have heard of VPN, perceive it as a business tool that allows you to work with the corporate network. It used to be so, but now the scope of the VPN is much wider. Of course, VPNs are especially good for businesses and people working with large amounts of data, but first of all these networks are necessary for those who need reliable protection.

This is especially true when you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot for work, which happens on business trips or anywhere else away from office and home. Quite often, hackers try to “listen” to unprotected Wi-Fi networks, and to connect to the switches in hotels to intercept other people's traffic and retrieve their passwords or other valuable information. VPN protects against such attacks.

There are other scenarios in which the use of VPN is justified. The exit point at which the encryption stops is located in different parts of the world, allowing you to study versions of the same site that are intended for different regions and languages. In addition, if you are brought to a country that blocks Facebook or other popular service, using VPN can solve this problem.

What types of virtual private networks are there?

There are many excellent VPN services to choose from. Some of them are free, for some you have to pay. It's not about astronomical prices, the monthly fee is not more than $4-7. Among the most popular paid private virtual networks are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Pay attention

In spite of all security measures, virtual private networks can also be vulnerable. VPN will protect your Internet connection from listening, but it will not protect you if you accidently download a virus file, therefore, using such networks, you still need to be vigilant. Since VPN-networks are not 100% reliable, it is necessary to use a powerful set of security tools like complete antivirus suites that provide a high level of protection while maintaining a high speed of operation.
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