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What is Malware?

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By: Mahroof CM

February 27, 2018


You may have told your techy friends or your friends might have told you " I think my computer is having a virus".

how do they know that?.  So Let's discuss about malicious software in short "malware".

Malware is a collective term used to represent virus, worms, Trojan, spyware and other malicious programs out there on the Internet. In simple words, any software program that is intended to cause direct or indirect harm to the computer system is referred to as a malware.

Some malware programs can cause serious problems such as:

  • Destroying the system files.
  • Causing disruption to the computer operation.
  • Gathering sensitive information like username and passwords.
  • while others may only have a light impact such as redirecting websites or annoying the users with pop-ups and banners.

The word malware came from the word malicious software. malicious is nothing but, intended to do harm. we all know that software is a set of instructions for a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. So basically, it is a good purpose code. 

i.e., malware came from the words, malicious & software. While Malicious is always something bad. also we know software is a good purpose code to perform specific task or operations. So the bad implementation of a good code is what is Malware.

For Example: 

Open note pad and type:

start mspaint.

And save it as paint.bat and try to open it, then you can see microsoft paint opened, so now we came to know what is the code or instruction to open MSpaint, so now we created a small application to open MSpaint.

now you can test for more applications like :

  • start calc
  • start iexplore
  • start notepad

Now let’s make it malicious:

Try these:

Example M1:

Start mspaint

Start mspaint

Start mspaint

Start mspaint

Start mspaint

Example M2:


Start mspaint

goto: A

To know more about this watch the below video:

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