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Watering Hole Attack

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By: bachan

February 27, 2017

Hello, Guys! I think many of you have heard the recent news that a group, known as Lazarus, infected a Polish bank's website and targeted 150 different IP Addresses around 31 countries. The trick used by the group was called the Watering Hole Attack.

Let's take a look at what a watering hole attack is. It is a popular computer attack in which the attacker collects information about/from the victim from the website he/she usually browses. Here, the victim could be an industry, organization or individuals. Then the attacker infects the website that is viewed/visited most by the victim. After that, when the attacker visits the website, the infected website drops the malware to the victim's computer or installs a type of trojan or malware that could connect with the command and control the system.

Using this phenomenon, the attacker can hack you! This technique of using a third-party website to infiltrate and gain control is known as the watering hole attack. It's not very easy to perform; however, this strategy is very efficient because the victims trust the website they are visiting. They also are generally unable to recognize what is happening to them, or if the website has been compromised. If you are not familiar with this news, then you can see the story here:

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